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    Haven't been on here for ages, thought I'd check for posts re the DGR and to my surprise there aren't any.
    Strange as I normally go in a group but this year I'm on my own. Does this imply a quiet year?
    Re the London ride, shame it's going to end up back in E15 as I know many non motorcyclists who have really enjoyed the past few years but no way will trek out to E15.
    Any one on here going????

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    Ah Lemony, good morning....I'm reg'd on the Oxford DGR along with my son and his mates. He rode the London DGR last year and won't do it again as it was far too busy, trafficwise and everyone was split up due to the elongated long-wait traffic light systems in our capital.

    He'll much prefer our quiet country roads out here in the sticks haha!

    PS It's v/quiet on here as no one bothers to post anything.
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      Never thought about DGR outside of London, might give Northampton a go next year before I become a very old DG. How did Oxford go?


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        Originally posted by gragson View Post
        Never thought about DGR outside of London, might give Northampton a go next year before I become a very old DG. How did Oxford go?
        Oxford was a blast, highest turnout outside of London we're told. Well organised, marshalls directing the convoy and all set out well. Generous meeting area, staging/catch up points and a midway break were all good. Final destination was a pub with a mahoosive car park and extra beer servery laid on for the rush....still long queues but no issues.

        Rendevous - Peartree services A34.

        Sun was out...

        Enroute...I'm in red trews, my lad in the brown suit.

        Destination pub car park. Just a snap shot of 1/4 of the riders.

        All in all a great day out.

        Chatted to guys who run Herald bikes, from Northampton, who had been to London last year, but chose to attend Oxford which they preferred. I heard London DGR were fully subscribed and suggesting riders pick an out of town DGR.
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          Great pics, great weather, happy days will have to give Oxford or N'hants a go next year


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            Hi Gragson, Brighton has quite a large DGR run too, so if you fancy a trip to the coast look out for 'West Sussex DGR' next year. It may be worth watching the West sussex event page on FB still as I think some mini rides may be organised too in the Spring.
            p.s. yes this is a quiet forum isnt it!?


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              Hi Scrambler, now that would be interesting, I used to live in Eastbourne so know the area quite well - will check out the FB for it, thanks for that!

              Quite is not the word, where's the dust ball imiotcon thing...


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                Here's a video from this year's DGR experience from Tel Aviv, Israel. Was super fun and very big comparing to past years.

                Not sure there's a proper way to embed a YouTube video so here's a link to the video.
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                  Fabulous DGR in Oxford - We were with the M3W squadron originally registered for London but switched as we thought it better to be able to actually ride the Oxford course this year rather than get stuck in the London traffic which is a real shame for London. Previously I've moved across London with the three wheeler catching the run at different places and not getting caught up in the quagmire.

                  Pith helmets & three wheelers- what a laugh.


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