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  • CG125 - tyres

    Hi, I going to fit trail/trial tyres to my 1993 CG125 in my attempt to turn it into a street tracker!
    (a) REAR - what is the widest rear knobbly I can fit? It has a 3.00x18 road tyre on it currently.
    (b) FRONT - what is the widest knobbly that I can fit with and without the front mudguard?
    I was thinking of simply putting 3.00x18 block pattern tyres on it, any advice on good deals, price etc is welcome.

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    It all depends on what size rims you've got, it will be stamped on the rim somewhere. Once you know that you can simply Google "motorcycle tyre rim sizes" for what sizes you can fit. Beware of going bigger than recommended as you'll end up with less rubber on the ground due to ruining the profile. Running with no front mudguard ? I know keyboard "experts" will tell you it passes an MOT so it's legal but MOT and construction and use regs are not the same thing. It's illegal and you'll get a lovely, constant spray of water straight in your face every time it rains.


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      I remember getting a face full of spray when I took the mudguard off my DT50M!
      Good call, it might look cool in a photo shoot but in practical terms it's perhaps not a good idea.
      According to my Haynes manual the front rim is 1.60x18 and the rear is 1.85x18


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        All tyre manufatcurers have a rim tyre guide ( re safty. Dont just focus on width think about aspect ratio you are going to have a much higher tyre than before and this could put your tyre v close to the swinging arm, seat base or mudguards if you want t keep them. I spent weeks working out what size rims and tyres would fit dont rush into it even after spending that time I now wish I had got a lower aspect ratio.