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  • Parts Reference - Honda 250

    I'm recommissioning a CB250 Nighthawk which has sat in a field for over 6 years - amazingly I have the electrics and engine running pretty sweet now.
    Next will be the running gear, brakes & suspension are a mess for a start.But once that is sorted will be turning attention to things like headlamp, front guard and other cosmetic nik naks.

    Is there a resource that shows what Honda parts were shared between models? Like a parts lookup?
    I have one for older Kawasaki's which is invaluable as you can broaden your parts search between models.


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    If you search "Dave Silver Honda" then search by "Model" and select your bike's year of manufacture you will get a list of all the parts they stock. You can also search "cmsnl Honda 250 Nighthawk", this will give you all the parts diagrams, part numbers and prices for that model. Honda part numbers consist of 5 numbers (this tells you what the actual parts is ie piston 1st oversize, the next 3 letters or numbers tell you what model it relates to, the final 3 letters or numbers tell what surface finish it has such as paint, chrome etc.


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      Cheers for that - appreciated, sorry for the late reply.
      I'm going to have to buy some new parts so the Dave silver tip will be good., but I'm finding availability of 2nd hand parts scarce, I know now this was not a big import - probably cos you could cycle faster...
      I have old Kawasaki software where you can search parts as "where used on any model" which is really handy, e.g. if you source 750 turbo parts they will cost a fortune, but many same parts were used on other models which cost a fraction 2nd hand.

      Iv'e been looking at this and may have a punt, anyone used it?, Up for making copies for small donation to forum if its any good.