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Honda FX650 Vigor custom - Rear suspension set up

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  • Honda FX650 Vigor custom - Rear suspension set up

    My first post and my first shed build.
    Decided to pick something that wouldn't take too long, or too much money. Donor bike was a x plate Honda FX650 Vigor, ugly looking thing but looked like what I wanted.
    Anyway, the bike was stripped down, and back end cut and seat hoop fitted, then powder coated with wheels and other bits and bobs.
    I've started to re-build, keeping whatever I could to reduce costs.
    The rear shock spring was powder coated, and I cleaned up the body. It wasn't an original, and was a Suzuki, perhaps SV650.
    So once built with engine, the seat to tyre clearance is about 120mm, with me on it drops to about 90mm.
    If I need to raise back end then I'm assuming I need a longer mono shock.
    What is a "standard" min/max clearance (I'm not really going off road, it will mainly be a street bike)
    Any recommendations for mid-range shocks that would achieve the above.

    Many Thanks.

    20180707_105421.jpgHonda build.jpg
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    The best way to see if you have enough clearance on full travel is to get the back wheel off the ground with not weight on the rear suspension, a block under the engine is good ( make sure it's stable) and the take the shock out, take the spring off and reassemble. You can now move the rear wheel through it's travel and see where it stops.