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Help with tyre width

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  • Help with tyre width

    Hi all.

    I have a BMW r80 (1981). Does anyone know what the maximum tyre widths are before doing any modifications?


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    i think 205mm of tyre width is possible.
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      I think you can get a 230mm now but if you're talking about your R90 you're probably looking at a 160 to 170mm max. It all depends on what rim width you're running and how wide the swingarm is.


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        i think 205mm of tyre width is possible.

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          205mm ! On a stock rim ! More like 150. There are lots of websites that will give you recommended tyre width for a given rim size. Don't be tempted to fit a wider one just because you can get it on.

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            To reiterate what Bluedog59 has said tyre widths do relate directly to rim widths and fitting a tyre that's wider than the rim is meant for will result in the tyre not fitting correctly. At best this will mean the profile is wrong which can actually result in less rubber in contact with the road than a standard tyre and at worst will have the tyre fitting so poorly that it can suddenly deflate and/or come off the rim with disastrous results!


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              If you still need convincing this was the rear wheel on my son's R1 after the tyre came off the rim while cornering! Fortunately he wasn't actually going that fast so escaped serious injury to both him and the bike, this tyre was actually the right size and was on the bike when he bought it but failed while he was riding probably due to the tyre suffering damage in the hands of the previous owner but a similar thing is likely to occur if you go fitting wide tyres to the wrong sized rims.
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