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introductions, where you from?, Name?, Projects/bikes?

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  • introductions, where you from?, Name?, Projects/bikes?

    Thought I would post this up help with networking with others into the new wave custom scene. (mods maybe a good idea to make a sticky)

    I am Ross, have been into bikes for years. Started off on an fs1e, and in recent years had a 79 cb750 sohc, Harley 48. Current hack and soon to be project is my 79 xs650. I will be posting up pics and how my project gets on soon.

    Oh I am based in Macclesfield, if anyone else is around this way give me shout, feel quite isolated from the scene round this neck of the woods, everything seems to be going on down south. Maybe organise a northwest meet/ride?


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    Hi from Derby!

    My name is Stuart, I'm currently rebuilding a rather unloved Kawasaki Zephyr 550, which will also be my first motorbike! Pics to follow!



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      Nice idea Ross ;-) I'm Nick, long time Ducati fan and shed builder, from Ashford in Kent. My latest project is a Ducati Pantah special based on a design from Radical Ducati in Spain. My proudest moment was being chosen to show it at the last BSMC show, a real privilege. I've posted it on here if anyone fancies a quick look ;-)


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        Hey there,

        I'm in West London and as always have a couple of projects on the go. I'm currently finishing up a CG125 based tracker for my other half who is taking her CBT soon (Finally!)

        After that I've got 3 others lined up, a '96 Speed Triple that was sadly written off by a SMIDSY is going to be reborn, a Norton Dominator 650ss resto for the Goodwood Revival and a 1950s Panther 250cc Scrambler just for the hell of it.

        I like variety


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          Hello all!

          My names Dan, 34, live in Lincoln.

          Not much of our scene in Lincolnshire (apart from Sideburn guys), and have to travel to all the cool shows.

          Ive got a GS550 Bobber (not as shit as it sounds, but is pretty shit!), and currently building a Yamaha XS500 (style unsure of what to go with).
          Ive also got in bits an 89 CBR400 (ive always wanted an eighties Honda to put a Rothmans paint job on!).

          Really pleased there is now a forum on BSMC, and hopefully meet a few more like minded members from my way on.


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            Morning all,

            I'm living in Bedfordshire but work near Old Street in London.

            I've been riding for about 7 years and been interested in the older, more subtle side of custom bikes for most of that time. Unfortunately I've only ever had the funds for one bike and need one that can reliabley (and quickly) do my weekly 550 mile commute. I started on a 600 Bandit and arrived at my current bike, an SV1000 via a BMW, a VFR800 and another SV1000.

            I also have never had somewhere to do any spanner twirling.

            however, events of the last year or so have left me with a 28' X 12' garage and some disposable funds.

            The SV will be making way for something a little less thirsty for commuting on and another bike (or two) will be added for weekend hooning and tinkering with. After breifly considering scratching a longheld itch for a Ducati 748 SPS or an MV F4, I decided much more fun could be had by finally turning the custom daydreams of the past few years into reality (and i'll probably keep my license cleaner as well).

            I've always liked the feel and look of prewar bikes with the girder forks, sprung saddles, lots of copper plumbing etc and love the work of people like Krugger and Angry Monkey. The original plan was to buy an old british twin and bobber it but last year I discovered Pipeburn and the Bikeshed and think I might start my custom journey with something a little more modern.

            The Hunter from Old Empire has really inspired me, so as soon as I've finished clearing the detritus of moving out of the garage and built a couple of work benches, I think i might invest in a Superdream and see what I come up with.

            I've never been fortunate enought to get in on a forum at the start. it would be nice to look back in a few years time as a regular with 3,000 odd posts and a lot of new friends.


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              Afternoon people,

              Chris, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, moved here about 12 years ago originally from N.E London/Essex.

              Started riding a Garelli Tiger Cross, seems so long ago ;-) and have worked my way through a fair amount of bikes over the years judging by the amount of original size number plates adorning my garage wall! Missed about one year's riding due to a big off but as soon as I could I was back in the saddle!

              Currently riding a Speed Triple R and thanks to my lovely wife's, shall we say, tolerance, now have a Triumph Scrambler, which I have big plans for this year, funds allowing.

              Have to agree with Dan and Greenhorn, great to see a forum on here and I too look forward to how it develops, meeting like minded people and hopefully contributing over the coming years. I've been to both the Bike Shed events and if they're anything to go by I think this could be a great virtual meeting of minds!


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                I missed both the Bike Shed events last year. The first one i was on holiday for and Mrs Greenhorn was busy adding one more to the Greenhorn clan during the second one.

                But this year I will be there.

                And I do have a poster from the second event up in the garage, courtesy of Barry the Barber on Calvert Avenue. Great chap, good haircut and a lot cheaper than Murdocks, Huckle and the like.


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                  I'll take the opportunity to introduce myself - Jim, living down in Eastbourne on the South Coast. I've had an eclectic mix of bikes with my first one being a DT125 in 1988 and now building my CB750 project, literaly in the garden shed.
                  I managed to get to the 1st BSMC event but the second coinsided with my wifes 40th - Ducth wasn't prepared to shift the date on my behalf and if I wanted to contuie building in the shed - I had no chance of attending!!
                  I'd be keen to attend the Wheels & Waves this year or maybe try and get a posse together for a trip somewhere if any one is keen....?
                  Look forward to being involved in the community - if there's anyone with similar interest down this way let me know.


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                    Hi there folks. I'm Steve from Ipswich. Current collection is 1999 XJR1300, 2005 GSXR1000, 1952 Matchless G9 and my project bike which is a 1985 Suzuki GS650GT. PLanning on a cafe racer or maybe something more of a bratter so i can still take a pillion.


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                      Pip Davidson, think my profile name a bit of a give away

                      Cj423cc, KH500 Five, Benelli 1130tre, couple of projects on the boil

                      Live near Reading, West Berks


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                        hi all .shaun bike builder at down and out café racers , my tip of the day is get the grinder out


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                          Hi All,

                          Andy from Hertford here. Great to see this forum up and running, I'm looking forward to spending time here.

                          30 years of bikes and only just got round to building something myself. I'm an engineer, so I'm enjoying making bits for my project.
                          Anyone struggling to get bits made, give me a shout.


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                            Hi guys.

                            Name is Patrick and I live near Cardiff. All year round motorcyclist of some 50 years averaging 13,500 miles a year. Day to day ride is a DL650 ( a Vstrom to most) but my project (also the love of my life... currently) is a 1980 Z400. I'm attempting to build a street scrambler/brat bike and have got onto the construction phase, but money is proving tight and progress is glacial. I'll post up some pics at some point, but if anyone's interested, my profile has an address to my blog.

                            Hope to catch up with some of you at some event at some point. If there are any other guys here from South Wales, give me a shout and maybe we could meet up in Barkers for a coffee & talk b#@*%cks. :-)


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                              Evening all

                              I'm Nigel from Ickenham in Middlesex I've been riding and messing around with bikes for over thirty years starting with a Suzuki PE175 at 15. My current bike is BMW K100 16v cafe racer, which is a slowly evolving and developing project. Due to restrictions imposed by my wife and daughters I'm restricted to one project bike and one old project car (a 68 fiat 500 with a modern race tuned motor).

                              I planned to take the K off the road this winter to do a proper strip down and re-build but I can't stop riding the thing for long enough, its too much fun...