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  • Yo! Benny here from Guernsey, channel islands. Triumph Thruxton '06 is my baby, as of today I've picket up a Ducati 750ss to build into a custom bike (which will then be for sale so eyes peeled ) looking forward to getting over to the UK next year to see some bike shows!


    • Ross from Chatham

      Hi, I'm Ross from Chatham in the Medway Towns. Started riding with a CB125 in 1976, then an XL125 in 1982 and finally a CBX550F in 1983. After yearning to get back onto two-wheels, I have recently bought a CG125 which I am intending strip and rebuild into a street brat/tracker. Have purchased upgrade parts and now planning the progress of my project. I am an engineer by trade so quite handy on the tools, but will probably have a few questions for the wealth of knowledge on this forum. I look forward to sharing the progress of my project over the coming months.


      • Whereabouts in Kent, Joe??


        • Welcome all. Looking forward to seeing some new builds going on.


          • Bike Shipping

            Hi all, good to join. I have a 1970 triumph T120R. Which I am looking to ship. Has anyone had any experience with Oakbridge International Logistics. Many thanks.


            • Hey, I'm Justin, look forward to seeing everyones iron steeds evolve!-)
              im in Kent, look forward to any ride outs when I warms up.


              • Hello all. Ross be me. I live Central Coast NSW Australia. My current rides/projects: 2007 Z750 being Scrambled. 1951 BSA Bantam that has a 60s 175 engine bored out to 185. 1968 Sear Gilera 106ss.
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                Cheers Ross.
                My motorcycle blog.....
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                • Hi everybody,
                  I've not had a bike for nearly thirty years, in the past I've had loads of motocrossers but never did my bike test.
                  I was given a CG125 the other day so fancy building a street tracker to get back into bikes and maybe even do my test!


                  • hi i`m Mike, from Hull building a Streetfigher, a Yamaha R1 into an S1 so far its got a single sided swingarm and in fab shop to fit a ducati 848 carbon fibre seat unit, work in progress can`t wait....


                    • Hi Guys.

                      That streetfighter sounds very interesting. are you keeping the original Back wheel?


                      • Greetings.

                        i'm Kevin and I live in Stoke Newington (very handy for getting to the Bike Shed). I am brand new to riding; did my CBT beginning of Feb and got my first bike, a Bullit Spirit, a week ago for commuting to work.


                        It was funny parking my bike at the club and seeing I was the only one with L-plates on, but we all have to start somewhere! Lol

                        Am looking to get my full licence some time over the next couple months and will eventually be upgrading tp a Honda CMX500, as I have numerous mods planned.
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                        • Hi I'm Ash, Live in Dagenham been into bikes for what is pretty much all my life started at 14 now I'm 55 and still haven't grown up First road legal bike (a Honda CB125S) at 17 still got it! Progressed to Yamaha LC's and never looked back loads of projects on the go will share as they progress.


                          • I'm Cameron, I live just south of Birmingham.

                            I've popped on here through a random google search about my CG125, read up on some fascinating info and decided to join!

                            I currently have a CG125, and two Bandit 600s. One that's a daily and one that is a crashed bike I'm rebuilding.

                            I arrived here in search of info for the CG125 so I'll be doing some questions soon


                            • Evening,

                              The names Mike. Living in sunny Swindon. Pretty new to all of this! Just purchased my first bike. It’s a 1990 CG125. This is (in my mind) my way into a whole new world of fun. The plan: finish this the get on with the tests. The bike is currently in several boxes, the engine being in one of them.

                              This is will be my project over the next few months, and I have no doubt I will be asking for advice from you all!

                              The first one being the electrickery.


                              • Hi Cookie,

                                Looks like a challenge. Still, those little CGs are pretty simple.

                                First purchase should be a haynes manual.