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Trainer style Motorcycle boots - anyone use them??

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  • Trainer style Motorcycle boots - anyone use them??

    Hi all,

    With my bike MOT getting gradually closer, im starting to look at riding gear, and I was wondering if anyone has tried these trainer style boots?

    I think they look great but I wonder if there's anything im not considering here? Im a freelancer by trade so I'd rather not have boots I can't comfortably wear all day when I get to wherever im working, has anyone tried these boots or similar??

    Any advice appreciated
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    I've not used them, but I'm guessing they'll be more comfortable than full boots. In which case the only question really comes down to where you sit on the comfort vs safety issue. At one end you'll have a pair of Tech 10s which you could drive a tank over (almost) but are virtually impossible to walk in, at at the other end is a pair of cons. Dead comfy but I'd not want to slide down the road in a pair with my leg trapped under my bike. No-one can tell you where on that scale you should be, and it's not just linear as there'll be some boots which are safe but still comfy. For example, I ride in these They're very tough, but fit under most jeans and are comfortable to walk around in all day. the only reason I don't wear them at work is that they're a bit heavy and hot. Try some of those trainer ones on at a dealer and see what they're like.


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      As above really. I ride in a pair of Dianese gloves that, while have some armour, have a lot less than many others. Reason ? I feel I have better control because I have more "feel"for what I'm doing, The flip side is that I have to accept they will give me less protection if I do chuck it up the road....... which I feel is more likely if I can't feel what I'm doing. We all have our own sliding scale of acceptable risk, you just have to be ready to take it on the chin if you call it wrong.


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        I'm wary of low slung trainer style 'boot's as they look to offer zero protection to the critical ankle area.... a nasty break can mean permanent disability. I ride with a pair of Falco Mixta high leg enduro boots (available in low leg too), comfortable and walkable whilst offering good lower leg protection. As I ride a scrambler style Honda I think these tie in with the overall 'look' I want.

        Web link for info, I prefer to buy from a local supplier where I can try them on and support them rather than save a tenna using an ebayer ebayer.

        I value my legs/feet and would hate to lose one just to look 'cool'.

        Like has been stated to each their own, but I know where my priorities lie.
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          I would buy the dainese ones about the same price but lots of cool colours.
          fk the protection just look cool and don't fool off.
          I'd ride around cambodia in flip-flops and a string vest.


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            They look great, and I think they are good for short rides.


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