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    I'm after a flying jacket. Any recommendations?

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    B.a are better than easy jet haha... I've just joined here and I'm shocked at how many un-answered threads are here!? Where are the people? No mods keeping (people who actually make the effort to start a thread) happy...


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      Thanks for all the feedback folks!!!! (and a proper thanks to Justin for taking the time to reply)


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        Hi…. Sorry haven’t looked at the blog for a while would have responded earlier.
        Over the years I’ve had a good number of flying jackets, good and bad. The first thing you notice is some are just damn uncomfortable to wear and a pain to do up. By far the best known are the Irvin Jackets made by Aviation leathercraft, very nice, I bought one brand new. I sought of got dazzled in the heritage headlights of Irvin. If I told the truth I was never really convinced with the quality of the leather and having tried on an original WW2 Irvin, realised the new one are a lot more bulky than the originals. I personally think the best out there is the jacket made by Eastman leather down in Devon. Check out their web site. The detail is crazy, I’ve tried one on and the jacket is pretty much spot on to the original I tried. Just a word of warning, If you think any of these jackets are going to be as warm as modern technical clothing, think again, because they’re not. The wind blows up the sleeves and comes through the zips. They look pretty cool though.


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            Check out the A-2 leather flight jackets. They look good and comfy.