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Sun's out-anyone out riding yet?

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  • Sun's out-anyone out riding yet?

    Finally it seems winter has gone so who's out? I'm not yet as I've been laid up with a knackered cartilage in my knee but I'm on the mend and the bike is going back together as we speak

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    i'm out and about, got the old bomber running as it wasnt starting but a little squirt of go juice in the airbox and now it fires up first time. I aint been riding since december and it sure feels good again............................................. ...


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      I've been out more on my DR650 supermoto. It's on the road 365 days with a set of "wets" fitted in winter but I've treated it to a few trinkets lately, Keihin FCR-MX 39mm carb and as set of USD forks that I'm just respringing and shimming before I fit them. I've also got a nice new AP 4 pot caliper and 320mm "narrow band" disc that's going on with the fork swap.
      Happy days.


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        I used to ride all year round but gave that up some time back now, the time I came off 3 times in 1 day while trying to ride a trail bike in the snow put me off for good so I decided to have a car for next winter while I was still in enough of 1 piece to do so lol!


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          I've been out enjoying the sun
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