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Why have one project bike when you can have 16.....

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  • Why have one project bike when you can have 16.....

    i have been looking for a project bike for a few weeks now but i did not really find much that took my fancy. I have since come into contact with a guy who bought some land and found a bunch of bikes. He wanted rid of them all so i got them at a fairish price after his initial 8k offer. 2k which included him hiring a truck and delivering to my once peaceful house. I am sure my neighbours are well impressed.

    Anyways they appear to be ex dispatch bikes so have had hard lives. Theres 4 cx500, 5 kawasaki gt550s, a honda bros and 2 cb250rs and and a some uninteresting things. Im hoping a few run. I have got two running but debating how to proceed with the rest. Its alot of bikes to have in your garden aha

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    What a find. I'm sure You'll be able to get at least one or two sorted.

    If you end up breaking one of the cb250s, I'll be needing a left fork at some point (the one with the speedo cable mount on it).


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      Blimey that's a good find! I am showing this post to my missus though to make her appreciate how lucky she is that I only bring home one bike at a time lol


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        Great find! Any update so far?