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    Honda CB600 Cafe Racer

    Wow this invention is really cool and I have found the same series custom Honda CB600 Cafe Racer. Click here -
    Best Regards,
    Lesa J. churchill


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      I see that att my pictures in the thread is gone, I have uploaded the pictures on but the have change to I should tri to edit the links to the pictures but now they gone from the thread. On a Swedih forum I just edit the .org to .cc and the pictures got back in to the thread. Is there anyone that know how to get to the links to the pictures so I can edit them so the picturese will get back in the thread?

      I done some things on the bike, but the bigger rebuild i planned for was not done the winter because of lack of time. I also had some plans that change the exhaust to one made out of polished stainless steel but the guy that shoud do the tig welding dosen't have time for that. I rebuild my exhaust and gas welded the downpipes to the "middle pipe" and made a som more space for the brakepedal, the it's was wraped with exhaust wrap to hide the bad crome on the downpipes and the not so nice nice finish on the rest of the pipes.

      Then the fork got new sealings, oil and forkgaiters. The brake master cylinder and brake calipper was also rebuild with new parts and stripped from the black paint and polished, the lower parts on the front fork was also stripped from clearcoat and polished.

      I replaced the gas tank because I discovered two small rust holes on the low part in the back of the tank, the new tank was painted by a friend and then i put on some racing stripe and honda logo decals.

      This is what it looks now not so big changes but it looks a little bit better than it use to.

      The modded exhaust

      The polish brake and frork parts

      The new gas tank

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        I have to say, you've done a brilliant job with that, especially when you consider the original bike was not exactly blessed with natural beauty.


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          I'm pretty happy with the result but there are some details that could be better, I think that the seat hump is a little bit "fat" and if I should trim the under line of the seat hump with a bigger radius and start the radius a little bit earlier should make a better look of the seat. I might try to make a new seat of fiberglass on a tube frame to save weight and in that case I could make the changes to the seat. An other thing that should make the bike looks better it to raise the rear end a little bit but it seems har to find some rear shocks longer than the stock ones that fit the CB250/400N when it has clevis to clevis fastenings. This is small things but small things could make a big difference to the look of the bike.

          But over all I'm happy with the result even if there's things that could be better on the bike, I seen allot of CB250N builds that looks much worse that my bike.


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            There's nearly always a couple of little details you look at after a build but don't be over critical, you've done a cracking job with Honda's ugly duckling.


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              You've done an excellent job there mate I'm impressed As to longer shocks have you tried contacting Hagons? I know they make shocks that will fit a Superdream and I also know that they quite often make shocks to non-standard lengths and spring rates at quite reasonable prices. For some reason I can't post a link to their website on here but google and you'll find them.


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                Thanks again,

                I have tried to contact Hagon for some shocks specified to my weight and the road that I normally drive but I haven't got any answer in 10 days. I have found a Swedish company that sell Hagon med custom spec to CB250N with standard lenght but people that have buy Hagons there say that they will have long delivery time for the shocks. Seems strange that Hagon in UK not will answer my questions in this case I'm a potential buyer that even are willing to pay a little bit more if they can get me 15-20 mm longer shocks to my CB250N.


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                  Strange as Hagons are normally pretty quick, they are only a small company though so I wonder if the guy there is away on holiday or something?


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                    An update about the bike, I took the springs from the original rear shooks and mounted them on the new aftermarket rear shook and the bike was much better on the roads around here.this is all I done this summer but I bought an 2013 Triumph Thruxton and then I tried to sell the bike but I wanted way to much money for the bike so it sill mine

                    What do you do with a 250 cc Honda that you have spend allot of money and time on when you got an bigger better bike to ride? I decide to do something totally crazy, my plans for the bike is to supercharge it I have bought a new flywheel, a Mikuni HSR42 and now I wait on a Aisin AMR300 supercharger bought on eBay. I will try to run it in a suck thru application and will run the supercharger from a pulley on the flywheel, In the first step I will try to load about 0.5 bar and have the engine in stock with out lowering the compression.

                    This is the plans for the bike this winter, what do you think about that?