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  • R75/5

    This all started with a bare 1971 R75/5 frame (and V5) purchased from a friend as an abandoned project in November 2016.

    This is where it is today.

    Mono-shocked with running gear from an 1985 R80.

    Engine rebuilt from a filthy lump purchased at Kempton Park auto jumble in February.

    5 speed gearbox and rebuilt carbs from an R90/6.

    Looking for some barrels and pistons from an R90s or R90/6 as these will slip in those old crankcases for a modest performance hike.

    Currently trying to figure out how to fit wire wheels to the later suspension / driveline parts.

    Not really going for a cafe look - more an updated classic that can hold it's own in modern traffic.

    Still some way to go before it hits the road.

    Exhaust, wiring and wheels being the big ones.

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    I like that I would think fitting a wire wheel on the front shouldn't be too much of an issue but I've no idea about compatibility on the rear, if it proves to be an issue though I would think just painting the existing wheels a darker colour would look pretty good anyway.