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CB750 Brat Build - First Bike, First Post

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  • CB750 Brat Build - First Bike, First Post

    Hi all, I bought my first ever bike a few weeks ago - an 82 CB750F. It's not in a terrible state but it's certainly seen better days and needs a little life breathing into it.

    The plan is to create a subtle brat look bike - leather seat, rear hoop, new switchgear, progressive springs then powder coat the frame, lower forks, wheels and brake calipers. I'm going to try and phase the work to keep the bike on the road through (most of) the build, filming each phase as I go.

    The first video I've made is below. I'll try and keep this thread updated as I go. In the meantime if anyone has any words of advice, encouragement, links, I'm all ears!

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    Agree re tank colour big bike look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    The road test on the link makes for an interesting read impressive bike by the sounds of it.
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      Looks like a good starting point mate, I like the video too I remember these bikes when they came out, my mate bought a new one in black, but I don't think I've ever seen one in those colours before. If you haven't replaced the battery I'd do it as soon as as it sounds like it's knackered and running with a duff battery can put a strain on the charging system and cause further damage, I know on some bikes trying to start them with a partially flat battery can cause damage to the starter system too. Looking forward to further updates though


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        "running with a duff battery can put a strain on the charging system and cause further damage" I hadn't realised that - thanks for the heads up. Battery seems to be holding a charge OK so far but it's going to get swapped out eventually so I may as well bite the bullet I guess...


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          Work on the bike continues (slowly)


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            I had one of those many moons ago, ended up with an "ex works" 996 RSC engine, big carbs, trick suspension/brake etc etc. The main thing to keep them sweet is to follow the service schedule for oil and filter changes and keep on top of the cam chain(s) adjustment.

            It may be a slow old bike by modern standards but that's still a lot of "first bike". Take care as it will still be quick enough to get you a long way into trouble before you realise it.