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  • KTM 620 Flat tracker

    So I started racing in the Dtra flat track series just over two years ago.
    I started out like most on a DTX bike (Honda CRF450) and got the bug...BIG TIME

    The only issue for me with the series is I wanted to ride more but I was limited to what classes I could ride on my DTX bike. So a plan was hatched, lets build a Thunderbike.
    Those who aren't sure what a thunderbike is it's a 600cc plus bike made after 1976. This gives a nice wide choice for a base bike to use, the most popular is the CCM 604 Rotax or the CCM 640 and even a few xs650, xr600 have crept in.
    So whilst on Facebook market place this popped up

    KTM 1997 Duke1 620 LC4, A bike fair to say has not stood the test of time in the looks department. We have no worries about that as no body work will be staying.
    The bike was silly cheap and the owner was inundated with offers from people. I managed to coax a phone number from him and a deal was struck. First thing the next morning I jumped in my van and 25 minutes later I had arrived, a cup of tea drank, money exchanged and the bike was loaded. As I was leaving the previous owner ran up to me informing me that I had left something behind...3 big boxes of spares he had accumulated over his years of ownership.

    Once back at my place we stripped some of the plastics hooked up a fresh battery and juice and it fired up on the electric start RESULT!

    Once I knew the engine was good I was enthused with the prospect of racing this big single cylinder, I had learnt a lot in flat track in the short time I have been involved in the sport and one item of information and very important it is too is GET THE FRAME RIGHT. With this engraved into my head I sent it of to Mike Hill in Newcastle to sort my frame out, I chose Mike not because he builds a good looking bike but he can build a fast bike (he has won the thunder series multiple times on his own built bikes).

    Mike jumped straight into the project, armed with my loose ideas and his skills, he started cutting away at the frame to create a more focused track bike.

    Progress was quick but I was left waiting upon a friend who was doing a favour by building my wheels, It took longer than I thought but I got them back finally. This meant Mike could crack on with it again. With all of Mikes work done it was sent back to me two weeks ago with a list for me to complete and this is how it stands now.

    Simplify wiring so it starts
    Lower front and rear suspension
    Fit a kill switch
    Fit a remote air filter
    Try and make it pretty to some degree but I would like to race it in 5 weeks no not a priority and I can give it a make over in the winter

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    Nice build. I have a '95 ktm 620 sitting in the garage for a year now. I'm planning to restore it once I'm done adding a suspension lift, winch bumper and bigger hankook tires on my off-road truck. My budget is tight right now so I decided to focus on one project at a time.
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