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Another CG125 Brat Build

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  • Another CG125 Brat Build

    Here goes another brat/cafe racer cg125 build! I was looking for a CB400 but stumbled across this diamond in the rough (actually less diamond more plain rough!). Written off in 2002 and put back onto the road it hasn't seen an MOT station for 5 years, who could resist putting in a cheeky offer on eBay! The offer was promptly accepted, which in hindsight is not surprising due to the state of the bike. So after dragging my partner and newborn across the countryside and strapping it to our works flatbed truck it finally arrived home. One thing I have learned already is transit flat beds are surprisingly high when you are trying to remove what I though was a relatively light bike at 11pm at night in the dark on your own without a ramp Turns out I should have hit pre-season a bit harder this year !