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  • Kawasaki Z400 Build

    Hello, everyone, I am the recent owner of a Kawasaki Z400 1981, +18000miles, and I am looking to customize it into a cafe racer. I will receive the bike next week hence not pictures.
    I will try to post the progresses on this page every Sundays.

    It is my first build, I am not experienced but I will surely learn on the way. I will next Sunday send some renders of what I would like it to look like.

    While I am waiting for the bike, I am doing some research for different parts, perhaps you guys can help me with that?

    For starting I will begin to remove any plastics and will map the electrics in order to ease the wiring towards the end of the build. I will than will cut the sub-frame, and install and modified if necessary the new swingarm.

    What are the easiest swaps for a swingarm, fork and tank?
    For the swingarm I have read that an 2010 Kawasaki Ninja EX250 could be a direct fit, however mounting will need to be added for the side shocks.

    As anyone have good literatures about the detail specifications about the that particulate bike?

    Thank you in advance for the help!!!

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    image_3760.pngimage_3759.pngimage_3761.png Hello, everyone, I finally got the bike, and I have already started to remove most of the body work, the plan now is to rebuild the carburettor, do basic maintenance on the engine and start the bike. In the meanwhile the electrical are being mapped. Depending on the condition of the carburettor, I hope to crank the bike within two weeks from now.

    Initially I wanted to swap the swingarm, I really like the tubular one, therefore I am currently questioning to extend it to get the stand I am looking for. Also I have decided to keep the tank, however I need to assess its condition, otherwise I will buy a new one, perhaps some of you have one?

    I am still working on some rendering, maybe next Sunday

    Thank you, see you on Sunday!
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      Hi Louis, Great looking bike, I love those old Kwak twins. Looking forward to seeing progress. I'm afraid I cant help with any of your tech questions tho'.
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